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The FONT Preparatory School Project is the dream of Emmanuel Kisitu, who was very poor and walked miles to go to school and he had no family to help him.  I heard of Emmanuel and helped him attend the Kisubi University in Uganda to become a teacher. His dream was to start a school to help the poor children of his village who were not able to go to school. Now after three years he has 52 students, and many more coming.


We have raised enough money to build the school, the bathrooms, a water tank & pump, solor lighting, the dormitory, security fencing and a security station,

dormitory doord, windows, bunk beds, bedding and mosquito nets.


We are currently fundraising for a new kitchen, the boys dormitory and student sponsorships for the FONT Prep. School. 


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Visit our Crowdrise page: https://www.crowdrise.com/help-finish-building-a-preparatory-school-for-impoverished-youth-in-uganda/fundraiser/bridges-and-pathways-of-courage


It is so important to finish the school for the sake of the children. His advisor Brother Robert wrote this to me: "Dear Sister Pauline, You asked me whether I know of someone who can help us with money to buy cement for Emma's project but sister, people of your Mother Theresan heart are so rare these days. For you to come up and help Emma to help others through education is amazing. Pathways to Hope is a mother feeding Font prep school. Thank you also for paying fees for the deaf children who are supposed to start school in Tororo at the beginning of next year. Regards, Bro. Robert."

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