Bridges and Pathways of Courage is dedicated to helping others through our following "Pathways To Hope" programs:

·   Prison Dog Program: helping inmates become "other centered" by training dogs for the disabled thus giving back while learning a vocation.

·   Providing Hope for Children: The Font Preparatory School is helping children in Uganda to have a better life through education.

·   Victims of Trauma:  Offering support and care to those suffering from the effects of violence, war & sexual abuse.  We focus on education and encouragement & understanding to those who suffer.

Font Preparatory School- Uganda

Give The Gift of Education!

you Can provide a child from Uganda an education, room & board for 1 year for just $1.06 a day!

Attention Cooks

People who like nice kitchens, people that are interested in food,

who like having a clean place to fix their food, please think about JANE NANTOGO.

At the Font Preparatory School that we have been helping to build, they have classrooms, a Dormitory for the female students and rooms for the teachers to live so they don't have to walk great distances.

They have water, toilets, security shack, fenced in area to keep the kids safe, but what they don't have is a place for Jane to live and a place for her to cook so she is not on the ground doing this work that is so needed at this school. Jane is pictured  below serving the food. She is alone and comes everyday to cook for about one hundred and forty people.

Can you help?

Pictures from the various programs of 

Bridges & Pathways of Courage


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